Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning

Despite our name, we are proud to service Scottsdale. Our Scottsdale Carpet cleaning service covers both residential and commercial jobs, no matter the size. Our cleaning teams are equipped with state of the art equipment and the most current, up to date cleaning solutions that are not only safe but effective on your carpeted areas.
For those of you who have kids or pets, you know how bad they can leave your carpets looking. Food, drinks and animal fecal material can all be your carpets worst nightmare. Having carpets that are clean not only look better from the outside but are healthier for those who reside inside your home. We only use highly effective non-toxic solutions that are safe for your house, family, and environment. Carpet cleaning solutions are only half the battle. We pride ourselves on using our state of the art equipment to tackle every job we do. Our vans are fully stocked with everything needed to tackle on our next project, including truck mounted steam cleaning machines. These machines are what leaves your carpets looking clean and healthy after every job. If you are looking to turn your dirty, stained carpets into a Scottsdale Carpet masterpiece, give us a call today for a free estimate.
We are a local carpet cleaning company that caters to both commercial and residential areas in the Scottsdale area, so if you own an office space with stained or soiled industrial carpet, fear no more. Our solutions and machinery can tackle any job, even those pesky office coffee stains. Office carpet can be extremely expensive, and recarpeting your office floors is probably the last thing you would like to do. Keeping up with the dirt and stains can actually increase your carpets overall life expectancy, saving you time and money in the long run. Give us a call today for a free Scottsdale carpet cleaning estimate.